Who we are

Lyrebird Analytics is knowledge partner firm providing clients with tailor-made market insights and business opinions. Strategic documentation and workshop content is generated through global primary and in-depth secondary intelligence gathering and enables vastly improved decisions making, increased coverage and enhanced go to market efficiency.

Our principle:
A uniquely flexible and modular engagement model. Always at reasonable and transparent prices. Always delivered on time and on budget.

Our objective:
Leverage our internationally acquired experience from the largest companies in the industry, and in the most efficient way possible provide vital market understanding and actionable deliverables. Always on terms as requested by our clients. Always with the best suited team allocated.

What we do

Lyrebird Analytics connects clients to a broad pool of external competence. We fully manage our customers projects on their behalf and identify and engage the best qualified resources to tackle the queries.

How we work

The client provide the guidelines and scope covering the “how and why” a project is to be initiated.

Pre-study / Understand:
Raw data availability and sources are identified. Project objectives are confirmed and returned, demonstrating a clear understanding of output expectations.

Timeline / Milestones:
Specifications of timelines, milestones and prices are presented for approval.

Research & Analysis:
Our analysts go to work.

Find & Compress:
Material is sourced, verified and compressed as per client requirements.
A bibliography/source code is attached. An executive summary is also included containing our comments and conclusions.

Proof of Content & Delivery:
Lyrebird Analytics examines the outcome and delivers it to the client.

Delivery Methods

There are multiple ways of engaging with us. Below we are explaining the most commonly used options.

Project based
A project manager and research team is allocated. Fixed prices for the entirety of the project apply.

A dedicated resource is allocated in a full-time capacity. Skillset and professional credentials as per the clients requirements and instructions.

Find out more

Feel free to download copies of our corporate- and product presentations.

Corporate Profile
A compressed presentation of who we are, what we do and examples of our partner firms.

Access Asia
Primary and secondary based market intelligence. Tailored to cover your business specific needs. Delivered to you in English, Swedish or Chinese.

Company presentation

Access Asia

Our platform

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  • 24/7 surveillance and monitoring.