We help companies grow, increase sales & reach new territories
via direct involvement in our clients operations.
We also produce tailor-made intelligence
based on global primary and secondary research.

Lyrebird Analytics is a knowledge partner firm advising and supporting management teams with growth, sales and territorial expansion services, combined with tailor-made market insights generated via global primary & secondary research.

The firm has functioned as the primary business case lead on behalf of multiple c-level leaders, founders and senior executives teams from FinTech and Large Cap Investment Companies to RegTech and Industrials across the globe. We have managed situations and processes ranging from shorter one-off projects to extensive 1000+ man-hour, multi-resource & geography structures and month-on-month/year-on-year FTE situations as active consultants.

Our clients consists of a variety of companies in fintech, medtech, industrials, asset managers, PE/VC backed ventures and multiple large cap investment companies. Lyrebird Analytics is based in central London, UK.