Lyrebird Analytics is a knowledge partner firm working with our clients to speed up growth, cover markets smarter and target objectives based on data driven intelligence and unbiased business opinions. We´ re a small firm fortunate to be entrusted by financial & industrial globals from around the world.


Lyrebird Analytics provides bespoke market clarity to clients by leveraging a broad network of analysts and industrial expertise from across the globe. Rescources are allocated from within our immediate or secondary reach and we fully manage all vital components for each situation on our clients behalf. The output of our lead is structured to be rapidly absorbed and acted upon.


Lyrebird Analytics supports a vast variety of clients spanning across all major industries and territories.

Engagements vary in terms of duration, business focus and coverage area and are negotiated and agreed individually.

Our small firm has functioned as the primary backbone and business case lead in client processes managing smaller one week projects, large 1000+ manhours structures and month-on-month situations across multiple industries and languages.